Data-driven solutions for actionable insights that improve employee productivity and customer engagement to boost return on investment.

Big Data & Bi Integration

As a leader in big data and business intelligence solutions, Auslaser gives organisations ready access to reliable, consistent data. We make complex data integration simpler, and assure its quality meets any and all governance requirements.   

Our data applications are built with end-users in mind. We deliver an intuitive, business-friendly interface, which optimises both the quality and structure of data delivered; enables users to quickly and easily view, compare, and report on mission-critical data; and create complete, historical data sets.

Our business intelligence solutions enable our clients to improve their business operations and performance in so many ways. They help clients understand the path to purchase taken by their customers, enabling enhanced customer engagement and increased conversions. They even help clients gain insight into staff and customer interactions to optimise staff levels and productivity.

The bottom line is that you can gain real-time, actionable insights on customer behaviour, enabling you to make better decisions, optimise your performance and achieve much greater return on investment.


  • People counting and traffic insight, which can help you understand customer visiting patterns, which result in sales, and even changes in traffic due to marketing, weather, and days of the week.
  • Customer understanding, including proximity insights, wi-fi insights and video insights, all of which can help determine customer demographics and shopping patterns.
  • Shopper insight, which provides valuable data and statistics on product testing, packaging design, store floorplans and layout, product merchandising, pricing and even point of sale designs.
  • Workforce insight, which can help increase employee productivity, thereby reducing overheads and improving customer service levels at the same time.