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IT Infrastructure

Over the years, we have successfully established strategic partnerships with world-leading suppliers which allow us to deliver technology solutions and services that are best practice and world class

Our role in this triangulate focuses on negotiating and arranging the best products,  service level agreements, upgrades, rollouts and training in order for your business to operate on a system that is efficient, intelligent and most importantly, productive.

At Auslaser, we thrive on challenges. Our ability to scope, select and procure the ideal hardware and business process has made us industry specialists on various business areas including:

Our expertise in scoping, selecting and procuring the most practical process has delivered large scale savings of up to millions of dollars for our clients. In addition, our technology partners are capable of developing integration systems compatible with all major platforms, allowing you to easily join data to data. With such advanced data mining, production of meaningful intelligence, which will help our clients reduce costs, lower risk and improve business processes and transactions, is SIMPLE and QUICK.


Auslaser Business Solutions offer the following technology solutions:

  • The latest in computer hardware, PC, Tablet & Notebooks
  • Tablets/Mobility Solutions
  • Servers & Storage
  • Peripherals/Consumables
  • Printers/Management Print Solution
  • Scanners
  • National Distribution and installation to multi sites all over Australia and New Zealand
  • Servicing of Equipment
  • Managed services, upload SOE and Asset Tagging

Auslaser is also best known for providing on-budget and on-time distribution, integration and hardware set up to multi locations.